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Introduction to Azure

            Now the whole nation is behind Azure. It’s a Microsoft implementation of a cloud and it's built around what Microsoft feels their customers need, based on surveys and research they've done, so the first thing to kind of bear mind when we think about Azure is that Azure is a hybrid cloud. It's not a solution that is designed to be only up in the cloud and azure it's designed to supplement what you already have in your existing investments in both infrastructure and application development. So some basic things you can do with Azure, you can create customized dashboards.

For example, here's my Azure subscription, I like to keep mine really simple I've got a dashboard that shows me the health of everything I've got deployed and then what I'm charging and what I'm being billed per month. That's what I want to look at when I quickly log on to Azure and so you know as an administrator you can build these dashboards that give you a really quick look at we know what's the current state of health of both Azure and also the applications and services that I happen to care about.

Some other examples of resources that are not necessarily you know things you deploy on Azure. The marketplace, anyone can build a solution for the Azure marketplace. So if you were a company and you have a product you can sell that product through the Azure marketplace. You simply need to build it, you apply it, it gets certified, gets tested and checked and so on and its added to the marketplace. 

Introduction to Azure

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud offering that enables individuals and organizations to create, deploy, and operate cloud-based applications and infrastructure services. The Microsoft Azure public cloud platform offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services to organizations worldwide.

Microsoft Azure can also be used in conjunction with various Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft System Center, and can be leveraged together to extend an organization's current datacenter into a hybrid cloud that expands capacity and provides capabilities beyond what could be delivered solely from an on-premises standpoint.

Uses for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers many services and resource offerings. For example, you can use the Azure Virtual Machines compute services to build a network of virtual servers to host an application, database, or custom solution, which would be an IaaS based offering. Other services can be categorized as PaaS because you can use them without maintaining the underlying operating systems. For example, when you run a website in Azure Web Apps, or a SQL database in Azure SQL Databases it is not necessary to ensure that you are using the latest version of Internet Information Services (IIS) or SQL and have the latest patches and updates installed, as this is the responsibility of the Microsoft Azure platform.

An example of a SaaS service on Microsoft Azure would be Operations Management Suite, which is set up and accessed via Operational Insights services. Here, you just set up your management tools and connect into the services you wish to manage all through Microsoft Azure, so no local infrastructure is required or needed to be managed. The Microsoft Azure platform is responsible for all of that and provides direct access to the Management software. Microsoft Azure provides lots of services which fall into IaaS, PaaS or SaaS contexts and these services are constantly being added to and evolving. 

Other Azure Resources

Now is a good time to become familiar with some valuable resources to help you with managing your Azure environment. This page briefly describes those options with links to relevant sites for more information.

Azure Resources

Azure Marketplace

The Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace that currently offers virtual machine images, virtual machine extensions, APIs, applications, Machine Learning services and data services. You can search for and purchase solutions from a wide range of startups and independent software vendors (ISVs).

VM Depot

VM Depot is a community-based catalog of open source virtual machine images that you can deploy directly from within Azure. VM Depot is available through Microsoft Open Technologies.


GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service that is free to use for public and open source projects. There are various paid options for businesses 
and teams that want a greater degree of control over their projects.

Azure Trust Center

If you invest in a cloud service, you must be able to have confidence that your customer's data is secure, the privacy of the data is protected, and you comply with whatever government and regulatory controls are required.
Take a look at the Azure Trust Center where you'll find technical resources, whitepapers, and frequently asked questions.

Considerations in Moving to a Cloud Model

Providing a third party with data and business sensitive information requires a lot of trust. Typically, businesses take time to build up a relationship with cloud providers and evaluate their trustworthiness and ability to deliver what they promise.

To know about Cloud Computing , please refer the below link 

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