Detailed about EMC VMAX generations | Introduction to VMAX Generations

EMC VMAX Generations

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Today we will have a look on VMAX generations and it's architectural differences. 

In VMAX generations, 20K is the first launched one then 10K and at last 40K.

Engines will be there in VMAX. In every engine there should be frontend, backend cards & cache board will be present.

Backend directors & cache is global in the array.

In 10K model maxi. of 4 engines are present.

In 20K & 40K engines starts with 4,5,3,6,2,7,1 and 8.

In 10K, on each engine 2 cards are present; they are 2.8 GHz Xenon, 24 CPU per engine, 256 GB global memory.

The card number is physically mentioned on the engine backside.

On each engine we have this 2 cards, each card we have 6 Quad intel CPU with 2.8 GHz.

Each of the quads is hypercode into 2 cores.



Each engine has 2 separate cards and for each card physically there are 2 CPU’s. These 2 CPU’s are 4 Quad core.

Each of the CPU is Intel based 2.3 GHz CPU.

CPU 1 is dedicated to back end and CPU 2 is dedicated to front end. 

Backend we have A, B, C, and D as directors.

Each backend directors will have 2 ports named as port 0 & 1.

Those ports sharing the CPU core A or B or C or D.


In 20K each engine has 2 separate cards having 2 CPU’s. These CPU’s are 4 Quad core CPU’s.

In 40K, there will be 2 cards of 6 Quads core CPU’s.

Each of the CPU’s is Intel based with 2.8 GHz speed.

6 Quad core 1 & 2 are acting as front end directors E, F, G and H.

The others (3-3), (4-4), (5-5) and (6-6) together bunked out and act as back end directors.

The 2 cores which are left in each CPU’s (3, 4, 5, 6) acts as backend directors.
Each back end directors has 2 ports named port 0 & 1.

In 40K each back end port will have dedicate a core to manage the workload.

Coming to cache installation on each engine, cache will be installed in the form of cache chips. These cache will be participate in the global cache.

In each engine the cache capacity is 256 GB.

In 40K 8X256 = 2 TB of cache capacity.

In 20K 8X128 = 1 TB of cache capacity.


With VMAX 3, the industry leading tier 1 array has evolved into a thin hardware platform with complete set of rich software data services servicing internal and now external block storage. VMAX data services are delivered by a high resilient,agile hardware platform that offers global cache, CPU processing flexibility, performance and HA at scaleable to meet the most demanding enterprise or hybird cloud infrastructures. The redefined HYPERMAX OS is the industry's first open platform for efficiently delivering mission-critical application and data services.

VMAX 3 100K, 200K and 400K Specification details

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