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Registering Host Initiators in the VNX Unisphere

Now we will see how to register the Host Initiators in the VNX, before that we will discuss about the importance of it.

Once the Zoning task is completed for the newly deployed server in the Data center, we have to login to the VNX Unisphere to check the host initiators are logged in or not. If we have installed the Unisphere Host Agent already on the server, it will logged in automatically to the VNX Unisphere, if not we have to register the server initiators manually.

To know about in Zoning in Brocade Model Switches, click here

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Login to the VNX Unisphere with the authorized login credentials.

Select the Initiators  tab under the Host tab at the menu bar.

Initiator Tab in Unisphere

Click on the Create option located at the bottom left hand side.

Initiator logged in

A popup will open mention the details like Host WWN, SP Port, Initiator  type and Failover mode and then hit on OK button.

Registering the Initiators

Repeat the same procedure for all the host WWN which we used while performing the zoning.

Once all the WWN are registered check the " Register and Logged in tabs " in the Initiators main tab. If in these two tabs are showing as "Yes-Yes" it means the host is able to see the storage in other words the zoning which we done earlier is right. If in case it shows as " Yes-No" then the host is not able to see the storage. Have to check the zoning and other trouble shooting procedure have to be carried out.

Register and Logged in Tabs
This is the procedure to register the host initiators in the VNX Unisphere.

To know about the VNX Installation and implementation, refer the link below

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