VNX - How to download the NavisecCLI | How to manage the VNX/Clariion storage arrays through command line interface

NavisecCLI Download

Hello Everyone,

Today will let you know how to download the NavisecCLI and how to use it.


Navicli originally known as Classic CLI is over 10 years of old. Classic CLI does not support user authentication or navisphere roles. Some degree of security is provided by the privileged user list, which can be configured to limit the users and IP addresses that can manage the array.

NaviCLI is used for accessing the VNX or Clariion Storage arrays through Command Line Interface.

Without this tool we can't able to access the VNX storage. The Setup file will available in 32 bit and 64 bit.

To download the NavilCLI, just click the below link and it will take you the download page.


The procedure for downloading the NaviCLI is as follows:

1. Download the Setup file and click on run option to start the installation.

2. There are 5 simple steps to install the setup file, just we have to hit the Next button.

NaviCLI Download
3. In 2nd step it will ask for the path where we want to install the software. A default address will be taken or we can choose our own desired path.

NaviCLI Download page
4. Now the installation will start and once it complete.

Open the command prompt and choose the specific path location where the setup is installed.

Specified_path_with_command_to_see_ the_LUN_Details
Specified path with command to see the LUN Details

For example:

From Naviseccli:

For VNX1 Series, use the following commands to copy data from online disk 0_1_5 to any hotspare available:

>> naviseccli –h <SP_IPaddress> copytohotspare 0_1_5 –initiate

***If command above does not work, attempt the following command***

>> naviseccli -h <SP_IPaddress> -user <username> -password <password> copytohotspare 0_1_5 –initiate

note: Default username and password are sysadmin, sysadmin. If for some reason this does not work, request customer for username and password.

**To verify that disk is actually copying to hotspare use command:

>> naviseccli getdisk <disk location>

*** If sometime the above naviseccli command does not work, use naviseccli.exe instead of naviseccli.

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