VNX - how to configure a hot spare drive | How to create a hot spare in VNX Unisphere

Creating a hot spare in VNX Unisphere

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Today I will explain about how to create a hot spare disk in VNX/Clariion storage array.

Brief Introduction

Hot spare drive will copy the data automatically whenever a disk fails. Hot spares are of 2 types.

1. Permanent hot spare

2. Temporary hot spare


An available drive must to be configured as a hot-spare.


A hot spare is single disk that serves as a temporary replacement for a failed disk in a RAID 6, 5, 3, 1, or 1/0 RAID group. Data from the failed disk is reconstructed automatically onto the hot spare from the parity or mirrored data on the working disks in the LUN so that the data on the LUN is always accessible.


To bind an available drive as a hot spare, perform the following steps in Unisphere:

In the drop-down list on the menu bar, select a system.

Select System > Hardware > Hot Spares.

Click Create. 

The RAID Group Storage Pool Type is assigned by default. 

Assign a storage pool ID. The default value is the smallest available ID for the currently selected storage system.  You can assign a different ID by using the drop-down list box.

The Storage Pool Name and the Hot Spare RAID Type are assigned by default. The Number of Disks option is set to Invalid disk selection. These values cannot be changed.

Under Disks, click Select to open the Disk Selection dialog box. 

In Available Disks, select the disk you want to make a hot spare and then click the right arrow.  The disk moves from Available Disks into Selected Disks.

Click OK to close the Disk Selection dialog box. 

If necessary, click the Advanced tab to set advanced properties:

a) Choose whether you want to automatically delete the RAID group after the last LUN is deleted.

b) Choose whether to set the priority for expanding and defragmenting the RAID group to either Low, medium, or High. The default value is Medium.

c) Select the Allow Power Savings checkbox if you want to enable power savings for the RAID group.

Click Apply to create the hot spare and then click Cancel to close the dialog box.


Only RAID group LUNs can be hot spares (that is, a Pool LUN could not be a hot-spare). Vault drives (the first four drives in a storage system) cannot be hot spares.

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