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LUN Migration

Hi All,

Today I am going to discuss about the LUN Migration in VNX or EMC Clariion.

Introduction about the LUN Migration

LUN migration permits the data to be moved from one LUN to other LUN, no matter what RAID type, disk type, LUN type, speed and number of disks in the RAID group or Storage Pool with some restrictions.

The LUN Migration is a internal migration within the Storage array either it is VNX or Clariion from one location to other location. It has 2 steps of process. First it is a block by block copy of a “Source LUN” to its new location “Destination LUN”. Once the copy is completed, it then moves the “Source” LUNs location to its new place.


Login to the Unisphere

Go to the Storage tab and select the LUN which you want to migrate.

Right Click on the ‘Source LUN = eg-145’ and choose Migrate option.

Select the ‘targeted destination LUN = LUN 149’ from the Available Destination LUN field

The Migration Rate drop-down menu: Low

NOTE:  The Migration Rate drop-down menu offers four levels of service: ASAP, High, Medium, and Low. 

Source LUN > 150GB; Migration Rate: Medium

Source LUN < 150GB; Migration Rate: High

Click OK 



The Destination LUN assumes the identity of Source LUN.

The Source LUN is unbound when the migration process is complete.

Note: During Migration destination LUN will be shown under ‘Private LUNS’

IMP: Only 1 LUN Migration per array at any time. The size of target LUN should be equal or greater than source LUN.

As discussed above we will perform the LUN migration activity in VNX or EMC Clariion Storage Arrays.

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