VNX - How to gather .NAR Files | How to retrieve the data logging files in VNX

.NAR Files

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Today we will discuss about how to gather or generate the .NAR files in the VNX/Clariion Storage Array.


Whenever we face any Performance issues either on Server, Storage and Switch level sides. We have to generate the .NAR Files and uploaded to the EMC support team.

The EMC Performance Team will analyze the files and they will give the recommendation or fixes to resolve the issue.


To generate the logs , please follow the below steps.

Login to the Unisphere

Go to System tab and select the Monitoring and alerts options.

Select the Statistics option
Go to the Performance Data Logging under the Setting column.

Performance Data Logging option under the Statistics tab

Check the Status of the Data Logging. If the status is in Stop mode, please start it and we have to wait for 24 – 48 hrs of time to generate the .NAR files.

If the Status is in Start mode,  go to the Retrieve archives option under the Archive Management column. 

If EMC requested to upload the .NAR files at a certain date and time period, we have to check the logs files. If the files are exists then simply we browse it to the desired location on the desktop and then click OK button and then we upload to the given EMC Serivce Request or to a FTP site.


1) If we didn't find the certain period of .NAR files we can't do anything.

2) If we keep the Data Logging in Start mode always, there will be a      minimal impact on the performance level from the storage end.

In this way we can able to gather the  .NAR files from VNX.

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