Expand LUN in EMC Unisphere | Increasing the size of a LUN

LUN Expansion

Work Flow Introduction

If we need to increase the size of an existing LUN assigned to a host, the best option is LUN Expansion.

With this option we can increase the LUN space without any maintenance window.


Platform team will request you to increase the space on the existing LUN. 

The workflow will be in this below pattern:
  • If a request is raised to expand a LUN, we have to check the prerequisites like LUN naa ID & LUN name.
  • Login into the VNX Unisphere with authorized credentials.
  • Go to the Storage tab and select the LUN option.
  • Select the specific LUN and click the properties option, verify the LUN naa ID and LUN Name.
  • Once verified right click on the specific LUN and select the Expand option.
  • Mention the size of space needs to expand the LUN and click OK.

Once we click on OK button, the newly increased space will be added to the existing LUN.

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