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Creation of a Storage Pool in VNX


It's a physical collection of disks on which logical units (LUNs) are created and presented to the hosts as drives where they can write and read the data.

Pools are dedicated for use by pool (thin or thick) LUNs. Where RAID group can only contain up to 16 disks, pool can contain hundreds of disks. 

First we will see the difference between a Raid Group and Storage Pool.

Raid group Vs Storage pool

Drives in a storage pool

Steps to create a Storage Pool is as follow below

Login to the VNX Unisphere.

VNX Unisphere

Go to Storage Tab at the menu bar and select the “Storage Pool” option.

Storage pool option in unisphere

Click on Create button to create a new storage pool.

Storage pool creation option

A pop-window will open and fill all the columns like Name of the Storage Pool, ID, what type of pool you required to create like Extreme Performance, Performance and capacity and select the Automatic Disks option and hit on OK button.

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