VNX - How to create a Storage Group | What is a Storage Group (SG) ?

Storage Group


It is a collection of Hosts and LUNs to communicate with each other providing the high end security for the data.

For every host we should have to create a Storage Group and provisioned LUNs should be added to the storage group to visible the LUNs at the Host end.

Whenever we brought a new server in our environment, after completing the Zoning and creation of LUNs we have to create a storage group.

Adding LUNs to a existing storage group is masking in other words


It means particular LUN is visible to particular Host. In clear, A LUN can be visible to only one Storage Group/Host.

The procedure for creating a Storage Group is as follows:

Login to the Unisphere.

Unisphere image

Go to Host Tab and select the Storage Group option.

Host Tab in Unisphere

Name the storage group and hit on OK button.

Storage Group Creation Window

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