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Email Alert Notification

Hi Amigos,

Today I will let you know the configuration of email notification alerts on your VNX or Clariion Storage Arrays.


Notification alerts are the pro-active steps to know the hardware or software failures occurred on the Storage Array.

Whenever a change occurs in our storage array either it is critical, informational, warring message an alert notification will trigger to your specified email address or to a group members.

To set the notification alerts on your VNX storage, the procedure is below.


Login to the VNX Unisphere.

Click on the System tab on the menu bar.

Click on Monitoring and Alert option.

Select Notification option.

Click on Notification template tab.

Go to Engineering Mode by pressing the Shift+Ctrl+F12 buttons on your keyboard.

Type the password as “messner” and click on Ok.

Select the Call_Home_Template and click on Properties.

Notification Template

A new window will open and in “General” tab click on “Advanced” option to select the Event code like Critical Error, Error, Warning, Information alerts to trigger to your email address.

Go to E-Mail tab and specify all the parameters for the email notification.

To trigger the email notification alerts SMTP Server IP address is mandatory.

Template Properties
The Message will look like in this pattern:

Time Stamp %T% (GMT) Event Number %N%

Severity %SEV% Host %H%

Storage Array %SUB% %SP% Device %D%

Description %E%

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:

Contact Email Address:

Secondary Contact Name:

Secondary Contact phone Number:

Secondary Contact Email Address:

Additional Comments:

IP Address SP A: 10.XX.XX.XXX SP B:10.XX.XX.XXX

Once all the parameters are specified, click on Test to test that the email notifications alerts are triggering to your specified email address or not.

If test is completed click on Ok.

In this way we can able to configure the email notification alerts on the VNX or Clariion Storage Arrays.

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