LUN Provisioning in VNX and EMC Clariion | Provision a LUN

LUN Provisioning in VNX

When we will create a LUN 

Whenever there is a space requirement from platform team or from the client we will create a LUN.

Provision a LUN

Steps to create a LUN is as follow below

Login into the Unisphere with the specific IP Address and authorized user credentials.

For Ex:- 10.XX.XX.X.XX

The VNX Unisphere Dashboard will look as it

Dashboard page

Go to Storage Tab and select the LUN option.

Slide 1

Click on Create option a popup window will open.

Slide 2

Fill all the columns with the required info.  and click on Apply and hit Ok button.

Note: To create a Thin LUN we have to select (tick) the Thin option and to create a Thick LUN we have to skip the thin option.

Slide 3

Select the newly created LUN and then select the Add to Storage Group option below right side of the window.

Slide 4

Select the Specific Storage group (Host) listed in the available storage group column and click the right side arrow, the selected storage group will be listed in the selected storage group column and hit Ok option.

Slide 5

Now we have to inform this information to the platform team to check the visibility of the LUN.

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