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Virtual SAN

Basic Introduction

In computer networking, a virtual storage area network (VSAN) is a collection of within a single switch or different switches can be partitioned into multiple VSANs, despite sharing hardware resources. Vsan can offer different high-level protocols such as FCPFCIPFICONiSCSI.

By using VSANs, customers can consolidate separate physical SAN fabrics into one large fabric for ease of management and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while providing secure and reliable isolation of different storage islands. Additionally, the use of IVR and VSANs allows the sharing of common infrastructure and resources like tape libraries, further reducing storage and network expenditures.

Up to 256 VSANs can be configured in a switch. Of these, one is a default VSAN (VSAN 1), and another is an isolated VSAN (VSAN 4094). User-specified VSAN IDs range from 2 to 4093.    
Physical Switch
Physical Switch

VSAN Advantages

Traffic isolation


Ease of configuration—Users can be added, moved, or changed between VSANs without changing the physical structure of a SAN. Moving a device from one VSAN to another only requires configuration at the port level, not at a physical level.

VSAN Creation

All the commands should be run in Configuration Mode.

Switch# config t

Configures the database for a Vsan

Switch (config) # vsan database  

Creates a Vsan with the specific ID 111

Switch (config–vsan–db) # vsan 111

Assigns the membership of the fc 1/2 interface to the specified VSAN (VSAN 111)

Switch (config–vsan–db) # vsan 111 interface fc 1/2

To delete the Vsan 111 from the database and switch

Switch (config–vsan–db) # no vsan 111

Some useful commands about the Vsan configuration

Shows the assigned interfaces (ports) in all the Vsan

Switch (config) # show vsan membership

Shows the assigned ports in vsan 111

Switch (config) # show vsan 111 membership

Shows the Vsan ID to which the port fc 1/13 has assigned    

Switch (config) # show vsan membership interface fc1/13

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