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Presenting VNX LUN's as read only to the Veeam Windows VM/host


We have a VNX 7500 block only without control station configured in our Project.

We came to know that how to present LUN's as read only to our Veeam windows host.


We created a second storage group and added our windows host to that storage group named as “Veeam Storage Group”.

Using the navisphere cli run the following command.

naviseccli -h <SP_IP> storagegroup -addhlu -gname <storage_group_name> -hlu <host_lun_SCSIID> -alu <CX_lun_ID> -readonly

We started off with test LUN's, and test VM's.

After you issue the command rescan the storage on the windows host and rescan the proxy in Veeam. We put our Veeam proxy into SAN mode and backed up the test VM. It worked.

We also cannot initialize, delete or do anything with the volumes in windows. They truly are read only.

We went ahead and tried this with some of my tier 3 lun's/vm's and it worked. We ran a Veeam backup job against a VM that was not presented to the storage group and it failed, as expected, since the proxy was in SAN only mode.

We have not tried this with any tier 2 or tier 1 servers yet because I was hoping someone could refer on this because the – read only switch isn't really documented anywhere.

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